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              ABC Square Dancing DVD's is the COOLEST way to entertain friends and family in your own home.  Yes, from 9 to 90, all ages can enjoy a lot of great fun with the ABC Patio Party DVD's.  World Renown Caller Jerry Story presents the entire ABC program in a super exciting and fun way.  Check it out further: Click on ABC Patio Party DVD's to Purchase.

 ABC Square Dancing is an exciting new way to market square dancing.
  • Enjoy a fun, easy beginner square dance with no experience and no commitment needed.
  • There are three different dances. The A, B, and C dances can be experienced in any order. (This is the main difference between ABC Square Dancing and traditional "lesson-based" approaches.  You can do the three beginner dances in any order.)
  • Instead of waiting until a class starts once a year, people can enjoy ABC Square Dancing  any time!
After dancing all three dances (in any order), dancers have learned 24 square dance calls.  The next step is the experienced "ABC" dance using those 24 calls.  New dancers and their friends can start ABC Square Dancing at any time by dancing the individual A, B and C dances in any order.

ABC Square Dancing spells an easy way for people to try square dancing at any time, with little or no commitment but with lots of opportunity for
Fun, Fitness and Friends

SO,,,,, Throw a Party, for your non dancing friends, and let the ABC Patio Party DVD's do all the work for you.

Want to be an ABC Square Dance Caller?  Want to start your own ABC Square Dance Club?  Click the Caller School Syllabus link below.  ABC Caller Schools Coming Soon. 

Are you a Dancer and may want to be an ABC leader and run ABC party's? 

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Created By:  Nick Turner * Don Yosten * Rick Hampton * Cal Campbell * Dave Hass * Jerry Storyr

ABC Square Dancing * Square Dancing for the Future *

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